Meet Meghan

This Product is amazing! In the past I have tried different prescriptions from doctors (blemishes) and nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as Toe Juice… I would definitely recommend Toe Juice…”

Meghan – Student



I use it to treat acne bumps that occasionally appear and sweaty feet syndrome from wearing boots all day. (yes, I am in the military).


I love it, it even helped reduce my acne. Great stuff!!


I had a ZIT.. Ohh how I hate Zits. I really never get more than one or two at a time and not very often but I did get one during the testing process so I thought hey lets give it a whirl. Again it burned but then quickly again was over. It seemed to dry up the zit rapidly and shorten the healing days.


Whenever I start to break out, I always rub Toe Juice on the acne. It quickly goes away. This stuff really Works!


Toe Juice is a most amazing product! I have three children and we have used it on many different situations: acne, warts, cracked heels, athlete’s foot, fungus and psoriasis. Each time I have been amazed that one little bottle takes care of the problem. It is refreshing, unintrusive, and easy to use. We love Toe Juice!!!”

Piper R. – Teacher

I am a true believer in Toe Juice. My face has usually been free of acne but just recently I started using an electric shaver and my skin got super irritated and began to flare up all around my neck. Nothing I used seemed to work until I used Toe Juice! I use it twice a day. In just a couple of days after my first use, my neck was clear again from the razor burn. Toe Juice works wonders and I highly recommend it to anyone who has irritated skin.”

Mike – CA

It is AMAZING! I used it on my new born to take care of his cradle cap and baby acne. I also use it on my hands when they are extremely dry and it just brings them back to life! ”

Meghan N.