Foot Problems

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The skin on my heels and toes is usually dried and cracked by early to mid-July. This summer was certainly no exception. That is where Toe Juice came to the rescue!
As directed, I applied Toe Juice once in the morning and at night for 1 week and the results were definitely significant! The skin on my heels had been repaired and looked almost as smooth as if I had been at the spa! Definitely a great product!



Toe Juice works for me! I live in Louisiana and am a retired longshoreman of 30 yrs.
I have tried several kinds of creams, prescribes and over the counter.
None of them seem to work. So I discovered Toe Juice and decided to try it. I did and it works wonders!
Now my feet are turning back to my original skin. It helps with the itching, burning, and the boils…
itworks wonders! I would recommend this product to everyone.
I will be glad when its distribution comes to Louisiana. Thank you Royce for such a wonderful product! ”

Thomas F. – Retired Longshoreman – LA

This product has worked wonders for my husband’s dry and cracking feet.


Toe Juice has done more to soothe my sore, itching feet than anything else I have tried! ”

Carolyn K. – Diabetic

It smells like a minty alcohol but that dissipates really fast. It doesn’t sting either, and once I put it on my feet they don’t feel dry-they feel soft and moisturized. I have to say that my feet are looking better and better each day! Yay for Toe Juice!

Tracy S

This product is amazing! My feet, for the first time in years, are almost soft.
I have used this product for a couple of weeks now. I thought I could never wear summer shoes again
and I am now wearing open heeled sandals!
This is cool!”

M. Echel

This is the only product I’ve found that really works . When used daily it avoids dry skin on the feet and it isn’t oily or greasy like lotions.


I am writing to let you know that “Toe Juice” and “Hog Wash” are the two finest products on the market today. They live up to their claims.
I am a diabetic and my dry and cracked feet are a problem to me. I have tried everything to alleviate this painful condition and no other product has worked. I experienced immediate relief. Your product is simply amazing! All of the years of searching for help are now over.
I am allergic to a great many products. My hands were constantly cracked and bleeding. Lotions with their artificial scents and colors and whatever else, were often the culprits. I would apply a lotion to my feet only to find that it was an irritant. Soaps would aggravate the condition also with little blisters forming between my fingers.
Never again, with these two products my skin problems, misery and embarrassment are gone. Thank You so much!
I have one complaint. The stuff just doesn’t stay on the store shelf very long. It seems that your products are no longer a secret. Thanks again!


My feet have always been a source of trouble for me as they are dry and even crack. It has become so bad at times that my feet have bled. I have tried every lotion and cream under the sun and while some provided mild relief, none of them ever took care of it fully. When I applied the Toe Juice, I instantly felt a refreshing feel on my feet and I did smell the alcohol but after just a few minutes all I could smell was the menthol scent and my feet felt better than they ever have.


I saw this yesterday at Walgreens and picked it because my feet are awful, super dry skin and heel cracks that never seem to get better. I used it this morning following my shower and then used the pedi egg and I cannot believe the difference in my feet.


My feet looked nasty from long runs before I used toe juice, and now they look great! I am now comfortable wearing sandals.

Amy | Fort Belvoir, VA

Toe Juice is an excellent product, and every time I have any foot issues I immediately reach for the bottle without question…Your companies products are great, and I recommend them to everyone, so, thank you for making such a helpful product available.”


I have used Toe Juice for 2 years with very good results. I had itching toes for years but no more. Now that my toes are cleared up I only have to use it once a week to stay itch free.

T. K.

Love this stuff, a friend recommended it to me for my burning feet….. and now NO MORE BURNING.


This product has worked wonders for my husband’s dry and cracking feet.