Meet Dr. Earl

Red spots appeared on my three year old son’s back… we put on Toe Juice; by the next morning the large spots were now small, flat, and reduced in number. I continued to apply Toe Juice morning and night for three days. I was amazed! Toe Juice really made the difference.”

Dr. Earl – Pharmacist


The wonderful thing about ‘Toe Juice’ is that it helps multiple area. If you have a rash, athlete’s foot, blemishes, severe itching, or scars ‘Toe Juice’ will help. It is also affordable, so you don’t have to spend too much to get relief.” *

Mandi – Bank Loan Officer

My husband awoke one morning and discovered an incredibly itchy, irritating rash on his left underarm. It was red, bumpy, and spread 4-5 inches in diameter. He applied Toe Juice immediately and the itchiness went away instantly. Over the next few days, he applied Toe Juice twice each day (morning and night). In two days, the bumps were gone. All that was left were red spots under the skin. After five days, there was absolutely no sign of the rash. Toe Juice truly works! ”


My Fiancé has been using it on this rash he has on his hand it looks a lot better than it was.”