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I had bad warts on my thumb for years and I tried everything to get rid of them. I decided to try Toe Juice. Every night and morning I use Toe Juice. Now the warts are totally gone! I am amazed and a true Toe Juice believer!”



My daughter had a cluster of 8-9 warts on her knee. We tried all kinds of wart removers and nothing worked. Toe Juice got rid of her warts In 2 weeks. We soaked a cotton ball and taped it to her knee every night for three nights , then applied regularly twice a day after that.”

Amanda – Mother

My husband recently had a LARGE wartem> on his thumb that hurt him, would bleed and made it almost impossible for him to bend his thumb. He went to the doctor and they did not want to remove it because it was on his thumb and they were afraid that it would hit a tendon, or some excuse like that. They wanted him to wait 3 weeks and see a specialist. So when Toe Juice arrived I made him give it a try. Having to wait 3 weeks for some kind of relief was unexceptionable and this has to work. After the first day (soaking it 2 times a day) he started to notice a difference. The skin was not as tender, the wart started to decease in size. After the first day he was reminding me that it was time to get the toe juice ready for him to soak. After a week of using the product we cut back to once a day and even canceled his appointment. I could not believe how amazing this product was.


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Thank you so very much for introducing me to Toe Juice!! I am recommending it to everyone. It has eliminated a significant wart on my son’s hand…


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I have had great success with Toe Juice on my flat warts and now I find myself trying it on everything. I am currently using it on my wife’s toe fungus under the nail, hand warts, cold sores and even a foot fungus my neighbor has. I believe Toe Juice will be a staple item around my house for a long time.”

Paul S.