At Home Bed Sore Treatment

Daryl is back with more experience and insight into treating bed sores using Toe Juice. He pulls from his own experience caring for his father to tell you exactly how to apply Toe Juice to prevent and treat bed sores.
Bed sores are common in the elderly community, however, anyone that requires long term bed care will usually develop some type of bed sore. The only way to prevent bed sores is with constant treatment of patient movement and changing and washing sheets on a regular basis. This task can become a large expense on the health care provider and also is tough to manage in a world where resources are hard to find. The labor pool in the hospital and healthcare industry is stretched at best.
Someone that is sick and wrapped in bed linens for some length of time will eventually sweat and a fungal bacteria will arrive that will start a sore on the skin. This is not a major issue in the short term although uncomfortable but can become one without care. Bed sores are quite uncomfortable but can be treated. 
Bed sores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, frequently occur in nursing homes, hospitals and home care. Untreated bed sores can result in sepsis, osteomyelitis and a host of other infections and health issues sometimes leading to wrongful death by the institution where it occurs.
My Dad was bed ridden for many months before his death. We had nurses come in day and night and I had them use Toe Juice to invigorate and protect his back. This prevented any type of bed sore from forming and he loved the tingling sensation the solution gave him. The nurse would apply the solution with a cloth on his back and let it dry for a couple of minutes and he would sing everytime they did it. He never had a bed sore.
I would recommend the liberal use of Toe Juice on the back everyday either to kill the bed sores that have already formed or to fight bed sores from forming. Toe Juice is a proven solution of over 30 years of killing bacteria and fighting bed sores.
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