• Acne

    "Whenever I start to break out, I always rub Toe Juice on the acne. It quickly goes away. This stuff really works!" - Jason

  • Athlete's Foot

    "Toe Juice is the fastest working stuff I have ever used on my athletes foot problem. I love the stinging sensation and it tells me it is working. ” - Joe

  • Eczema

    "After only THREE DAYS I see and feel results! I am so happy with this product. For years I have suffered embarrassing breakouts and eczema finally something has came along my way to help me!" - Ipaintprettyfaces on Youtube

  • Insect Bites

    "While camping I became overwhelmed with mosquito bites. I was itching like crazy and tried Toe Juice on the bites. It worked so well that now when I go camping I always make sure to pack my bottle of Toe Juice! ” - Nick

Scroll On If You Dare

Customers have sent some gnarly before and after photos that you have to see for yourself.

But don't tell us we didn't warn you...