How to Treat and Cure Nail Fungus

The main man of Toe Juice, Daryl, is on the blog today to talk to you about nail fungus and what got him into this business in the first place. Look, we know. Toe Juice is a weird name. And yes, nail fungus is gross. But with Toe Juice, nail fungus doesn't exist. Read on to learn how to cure nail fungus FAST with Toe Juice. 
If you ever had nail fungus then you know what issues you dealt with like itching, pain, discoloration, unsightly cracked and brittle nails. You wondered now what do I do? Before we go there, let’s give some thought to your nails, the cause and nail salons.
When you think of your nails do you think of the overall business and all the nail salons around you? Think about how many are just around the corner from your house. I googled nail salons near me and found 14 and we live in a fairly remote area. I googled Nail Salons in Texas and in 2021 there were 8872. Texas is large but that is a lot of one type of business, nail salons, to serve the same simple product, nail maintenance. 
You know there are going to be some quality issues when the same businesses compete to be the best and the cheapest at the same time. They all want your business but how can they compete better to make more money and more profit? 
I would say they need to do more with less and do what they do faster. To me, this says they need to cut some corners. I believe those corners that are cut are in the cleaning and sanitizing of their washes, containers and instruments. After all, nail fungus is contagious.  
Most fungal nail infections occur as a result of the fungi that cause athlete's feet infecting the nails. Many types of toenail fungus are quite contagious. Therefore, anything you come in direct contact with or just by touching an infected surface could transfer the fungi to you. Nail fungus is considered to be very contagious. 
Our Toe Juice solution has been well known for killing nail fungus for many years now. Toe Juice is an over the counter antifungal solution. We have many success stories and references on our website for curing nail fungus and athlete's feet. Use it as much as you can to kill the fungus. If you need to go ahead and soak the nail in the solution. You should see the healing begin after a week and it should cure your nail fungus within a month.
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